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Machine Shop

We are a modern day machining facility with a wide range of equipment including manually operated machines and Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines.



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Welding and Fabrication

We are a precision welding and fabrication facility with highly skilled welders and fitters. We are holding an NBIC "R" and a ASME "U" stamp for fabrication and repairs of pressure vessels. We currently hold welding procedures for titanium, inconel, carbon steel, stainless steel, hastelloy, tungsten carbide, 1-1/4, 2-1/4, 9 chrome materials.

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Water Jet

Extremely high pressure water directed through a very small orifice and then through a precision nozzle enables the water to cut thinner and softer materials to precise dimensions. For thicker and harder materials, a garnet abrasive is added to the water stream, thus the term “abrasive waterjet”.

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Gulf Machine Shop was founded in 1953 by brothers Stacy, Delmer, Curtis and Maxel Smith along with Ralph and Johnny Moreau. Over the years, the parters began selling their shares back to the business, one by one until Stacy Smith and his wife Lois were the sole owners. In 1984, their only child, and current owner, Lloyd Smith and his wife Barbara purchased Gulf Machine Shop, Inc. from his parents. 

In 1953 the original shop consisting of 2016 square feet was erected on one acre of land. In a short 3 year span, additional shop floor space was needed, and an additional 7200 square foot building was added to the original building. Since that time, it has grown to a total of 29,982 square feet on 3.16 acres of land.


We offer machining and fabrication job shop services and precision waterjet cutting for single parts or production runs, as well as hard surfacing and dynamic balancing.

What is the key to Gulf Machine Shop's success and longevity? Without a doubt, it has been our focus on technology, training and trust. Over the years we have consistently purchased equipment with advanced modern technology allowing us complete even the most unique of our customers jobs. With the advanced equipment, training of our employees is require to enable us to utilize the new equipment to the fullest extent. Earning and maintaining our customers trust has been the foundation of our success. Our customers are well aware that Gulf Machine Shop, Inc. is "A NAME YOU CAN TRUST".


Gulf Machine Shop, Inc.

as featured in

Modern Machine Shop Magazine


Lloyd Smith (on right)
Delmer Smith
Scan 112760011
Stacy Smith
Stacy & Lloyd Smith (father & son)


DSC08693   01-18-13
DSC08689   01-18-13
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P9105287   09-10-18
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P9042475   09-04-13 NIGHTS
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P9051179   09-05-14
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P9064113   09-06-16



For any inquiries, questions or quotes, please call:

337-436-9411 or fill out the following form.

Main Office

5337 E. Broad Street

Lake Charles, LA 70615

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 16779

Lake Charles, LA 70616-6779

Get a quote: 337-436-9411
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