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The Technology

Waterjet cutting involves pressurizing the water up to 55,000 pounds per square inch. It is then directed through a precision orifice and on through a precision nozzle that is part of the cutting head. This fine stream of water exits the nozzle at two and a half times the speed of sound. With these conditions, the water can easily cut the thinner and softer materials. When cutting thicker and/or harder materials, a garnet abrasive is injected into the water stream after it leaves the orifice but prior to entering the nozzle – thus the term “abrasive waterjet”


The Controls

A programmable Logic Controller (PLC) monitors and controls all machine functions. Programming the PLC determines shapes and quantities to be cut on the machine’s work envelope, with either a single head or dual heads activated.


The Software

The software system allows geometry creation by three different methods:

  1. Utilizing the integrated 2-D CAD drawing package.

  2. Utilizing the Parametric Shapes Library (90 shapes) user definable.

  3. File importing and conversions: AutoCAD, DXF and IGES files.

Our software also provides automatic true shape nesting, including parts in parts to obtain the most number of parts with the least amount of material wasted.


The Advantages

  1. Smooth cut edges, eliminating deburring and/or secondary machining operations.

  2. Extremely close tolerances held on part dimensions

  3. No heat affected zone, resulting in no material warpage and no change in physical analysis.

  4. Virtually all materials can be cut.

  5. No hazardous fumes or by-products.                    (home)

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